What is the Justin Theroux Project?
The JTP is a website run by fans, for fans, featuring a collection of photographs, interviews, and information about actor, screenwriter, and filmmaker Justin Theroux. It went live on 12/02/15, with the Tumblr and Twitter counterparts predating its launch by a few weeks. I do not profit from any of the content hosted by this website, be it through advertisements, donations, or any other channel. While other websites can do what feels right to them, I own the license to absolutely zero of these articles or images and feel that it’s ethically wrong (even legally murky) to benefit financially from their use.

Do you know Justin Theroux?
No. I have no contact with Justin Theroux or any member of his professional team (or family, for that matter). He is not affiliated with this website, nor does he contribute to, or endorse it. I can’t get your messages or emails in front of him, I can’t get you an interview, I’ve never met the man.

How can I help?
If you would like to contribute to the JTP, that’s wonderful, and I always appreciate the assistance. As stated above, this website cannot accept financial donations, but there are plenty of other ways to lend a hand. If you have photographs of Justin Theroux that are not already in the gallery, send them in! (If you’re in the photo, or have taken it yourself, please include your name and/or social media handle, for credit.) If you notice a typo on any of our pages, or notice that an album is misclassified or dated incorrectly, please let us know about that, too. This site strives to be the most complete and accurate fan resource, right down to the details. And, if you enjoy your time here, tell a friend!

What won’t I find here?
Invasive photographs will never make it to the gallery. Which is to say, if it’s a paparazzi snap taken with some ridiculous zoom lens from half a mile away, so fuzzy you can barely make out the people in the image, all for the sake of “that one shot” — absolutely not. We do not (and never will) host any of the photographs taken in relation to the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman. To wit, images that are taken respectfully are fair game, and the definition of that is pretty much up to my discretion. (As with art or adult material, I’ll know it when I see it.) Also, this website will never feature gossip and speculation about Justin Theroux’s professional or personal life. We only report concrete news, as it happens.

You’re using one of my photos without credit, and/or I want something taken down!
If you own the rights to a photograph or interview found here and would like it removed, please send an email to therouxproject@gmail.com, letting me know what you’re referring to (as specifically as possible, preferably with links), and allow time for compliance. It will be taken care of ASAP. The same goes for credit; I am always, always happy to give full credit to any of the talented photographers and journalists whose work is featured here.